Essential WordPress Plugins for your Small Business Website

There are literally thousands of free and premium WordPress plugins available. This post tries to shortlist the essential WordPress plugins for a Small Business Website. This assume the business owner or the person responsible for maintaining the website is NOT a geek and lists plugins that are easy to install, setup and maintain.

Now that the assumptions have been discussed, here is the the essential WordPress plugins list for your small business website:

Search Engine Optimization

Yoast SEO Plugin (FREE)

Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin
This has everything you need to optimize your webpages for Google and Other Search Engines. This analyzes your content, images, titles and metadata and provides optimizations tips.

Website Speed

After Google said website speed is a factor in their ranking it is super crucial that you ensure your webpage loads fast.
You can improve webpage speeds by using caching. WordPress has plugins that make it easy to setup “Caching” on your website.

Quick Cache (FREE)

Quick Cache WordPress Plugin
Quick Cache is a great options for not-so-techie users, as they are easy to setup and work straight out of the box. If your website is small to mid-size serving a few thousand page views in a month this will be the right choice.


Prevent website Hacking and Malware

In 2013 Sophos Labs reported 30,000 websites get hacked everyday. Yes 30,000 per DAY. Imagine the embarrassment if your website is hacked and you customer knows about it. It is very important you secure your website from any possible threats.

Wordfence Security (FREE)

Wordfence Security WordPress Plugin
Wordfence Security is a one stop shop for all your website security needs. This plugin has a built-in firewall, virus & malware scanner, real-time traffic monitor which can block IP(s) where hacking attacks originate. This plugin also comes with a killer feature, it scans core WordPress files and checks if they have changed. It can then optionally repair changed files that are security threats.

Stop Comment Spam

If you allow comments on your website/blog it is a huge pain to stop bots posting spammy comments. It is a fight that you cannot win all by yourself.

Akismet (FREE)

Akismet WordPress Plugin
Akismet can help you. It checks your comments against Akismet web service to see if they look like spam and blocks it automatically. Akismet has been downloaded 18 million times as of 2013. Every single comment from all of these websites are read and any new threat has been registered in their webservice. The moment a new spammer is spotted it is blocked it across all of the websites using Akismet. Install the Akismet plugin and get a free license key to use it.

Social Interaction

It is absolutely crucial that you allow people who come to your website to share your content to their colleagues, friends and family.
The leads from social networks are much more likely to become a customer since you were recommended by someone they know.

Social Sharing Toolkit (FREE)

This plugin allows easy sharing and connecting on social networks. This allows you to add most popular social network icons on your webpages and will also add a floating side bar which reminds users to share your content.


Has you website crashed? or have you accidentally deleted your content?
Does not happen but when it does you better have your backup ready. Backing up your website is like taking insurance, being prepared for the worst.

UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore (FREE)

UpdraftPlus - Backup/Restore WordPress Plugin
You can schedule your backups so your website and content is backed up periodically. It also has a one-click restore that allows you to go back to a old version in case something goes wrong. Along with Wordfence Security that can also restore the core files you can sleep well at night.


There’s a lot of information to take in when it comes to building and maintaining your website. If you just want to devote time to improving your business and let someone who “knows their stuff” take care of the website – Talk to Us, you can sign up for a free one hour consultation.
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