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Garrell Associates is a Atlanta based company that sells pre-designed home plans. Garrell Associates was co-founded by Michael W. Garrell who is an Architectural graduate from Southern Technical Institute. They sell pre-designed house plans online and to builders. Nearly a decade and a half of designing has yielded a portfolio of over 3000 home plans. To date, this prolific output has garnered the firm more than 200 professional awards, with numerous Street of Dreams® honors in 1999, 2001, 2005, and 2006. One rustic yet elegant design for a show home in Big Canoe, Georgia featured truss work made from 200 year-old virgin pine logs reclaimed from a river bottom, and a kitchen with oiled, natural slate countertops.This “Tranquility” show home earned the firm the prestigious “Best in American Living Award” (BALA) from Professional Builder magazine.

Garrell Associates website – Website Feedback

You will find below how this fantastic business can further do well by doing some minor enhancements to their website.

Home Page

Page Load Time:
First Time page load took 40+ seconds to load and consecutive page loads of same page took 3-4 seconds. One of the factors in Google search ranking is site speed and has made it very clear.
How to improve page load time?
• This page has 13 external Javascript scripts. Try to combine as many as possible into one script and minify them. You can also put the javascripts at the bottom so load the most important features/images/content first then the scripts.
• This page has 23 external stylesheets (CSS). Try to combine as many as possible into one style sheet and minify them.
• This page has 21 external background images. Try to reduce the use of images or optimize (reduce file size). You can also try to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) like CloudFlare.

About Us

Missing H1 tag and irrelevant title tag
These a 2 critical factors on a page ranking for a search keyword, so your About Us page should show up when people search for “About Garrell Associates” or just “Garrell Associates” or “Michael W. Garrell”.

How to improve on H1 and Title Tags

• Title tag has 17 words and 108 characters and reads “(House Plans, Home Plans & Custom Home Design, Mansion Floor Plans | House Plans by Garrell Associates)”. This should be “About Garrell Associates” or just “Garrell Associates” or “Michael W. Garrell”.
• H1 tag is missing. This should be something like “About Us” or “About Garrell Associates” or being a bit more descriptive and saying “Why Garrell Associates can provide you designs for your dream home”.

Other Pages

Irrelevant title tag

The title tag is very important for a page ranking for a search keyword, so all pages should have the appropriate keyword in the title tag to rank in search results for that term.

These are few tips to take Garrell Associates to the next level and help several customers move into their dream homes designed by Garrell Associates.
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