How to optimize your website for better Search Engine Ranking for Free using SEO Doctor add-on

While many business/website owners spend lots of time and money in trying to do so many things offsite they can make a few simple changes to their website that can have huge impact on your Search Engine rankings, driving new leads for their business.

In this “How To” guide you will learn how to find out and optimize elements of your website to increase your search ranking.

There are several safe, free tools that you can use to find out the element that need optimization.

  1. Using Firefox Browser, go download this free addon,

    SEO Doctor
    Image: Click on the green “+ Add to Firefox” buttonThis will install the add on and Firefox will ask you restart the browser. Go ahead and restart it.

  2. On your website go to the webpage you want to optimize, you will now see a red, yellow or green flag next to your web address (URL). Click on the flag.
    SEO Doctor
    Image: Click on the flag next to your web address/URL The color coded flags have various meaning,

Red Flag -Page has lots of issue and needs lots of optimization

Yellow Flag – Page partially optimized

Green Flag – Page completely optimized. All good

  1. This will open a pane at the bottom of you browser screen. This pane will show you whats wrong and how to correct those issue.
    SEO Doctor Ranking Score
    Image: The SEO Doctor ranking score pane
  2. Follow those instructions and fix each issue or as many as you can until the flag turns green.

You have now learned how to optimize your website for better search engine ranking.

  1. If this guide was too “technical/geeky” for you, you can download the results from the SEO Doctor pane using the “Export to CSV” button and send it to your web developer or web marketing person/company and ask them to fix it.
    SEO Doctor Results
    Image: The SEO Doctor export results to excel file

SEO Doctor Results
Image: The SEO Doctor results in Excel spreadsheet

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