Setting up your own Ebay like store on Facebook using XtabApps XTabProducts

Why use XtabApps’s XtabProducts?

There are over a billion users on Facebook (and counting). If one of the user come to your page and is blown away by your product and he/she likes your page, he/she is recommending that products to 100′s of his/her friends. If you are selling something online you should definitely be selling it on Facebook.

I know your wondering, “It’s been so hard to set up my website, now I have to setup my online store on Facebook?!”.
XtabApps’s XtabProducts make it so easy to setup your store on your Facebook page. If you have your product details and images already you can use the intuitive and easy to use point-and-click interface to upload and create your own Store on Facebook in a few minutes.
XTabApps sells the XtabProducts bundled with several other super tools to,
• Creating stunning Facebook pages with videos, images, etc using XTabPages
• Create contest and engage your fans using XTabContests
• Create “Groupon” like group buying deals on your Facebook page using XTabDeals
• Create and add users to your email list using XtabLists and
• Create documents that users can download/view after liking you Facebook page using XTabDocs

XTab Apps

Setup Facebook page using XTabApps
Image: XTabApps make your life easy to setup an awesome Facebook page

Setup a e-commerce store on your Facebook page using XTab Products
Image: A Facebook store created using XtabProducts

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